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Jay Allen for Fitchburg Council

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It has been a great honor to serve Fitchburg's residents. I look forward to serving as council member again, and I look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. I am always willing to discuss any City issue with you. To email your question or comment, please send to:

Jay has been a Fitchburg resident for over 30 years. He has experience living in almost all the different settings Fitchburg has to offer, including living in the Belmar-Dunn's Marsh neighborhood, and near Ridgewood as a renter to living in the rural residential area of Fitchburg as a renter and owning two different homes in Fitchburg.

He has served two years as Fitchburg's mayor, and for almost 16 years he served on the Common Council. In that time, he has worked with 38 different Council members on many important issues. He has worked to develop consensus on a number of issues, and is happy to work to make Fitchburg a better place.