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Tue 14th

Emergency Services

by Jay Allen

We can play politics with a lot of things, but I think it is egregious to play these games with our basic emergency services.  Our police, fire and EMS departments are critical basic services.  It appears that five years late, we are finally moving forward with building two new fire stations. It's sad it has gone this way. We could have saved a lot of money building them years ago, when interest rates were lower. Sometimes the council is so busy saving dimes that they throw many dollars away.

And it's not just the cost of the stations. It's many thousands lost in the inefficiencies of continuing to operate from the existing locations, as well as increased response times. We need council members who understand the issues at hand, and can take the leadership role to move forward. That's why I am running again. When I previously served, we did the things that needed to be done, and the council didn't politicize everything. Let's move forward, and leave the politics behind.


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