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Current, Former, and Future Officials

I am proud that the following individuals are supporting my campaign:

Scott Klug - Former US Congressman

Jon Erpenbach - Wisconsin State Senator, District 27

Scott McDonell - Chair, Dane County Board
Richard Wagner - Former Chair, Dane County Board

John Freiburger - Plan Commission
Ron Johnson - Plan Commission, Former Common Council Member, Former Common Council President

Tom Shorter - Board of Review

Rosanne Lindsay - Former member, Transportation and Transit Commission

Judi Munaker - Police and Fire Commission

Bob Bello - Former Common Council Member
Karen Mattison - Former Common Council Member
Melissa Gilbert - Former Common Council Member
Duane Stegall - Former Common Council Member

Carlo Esqueda - Dane County Clerk of Courts
Richard Brown - Former Dane County Board Member; Facility Director for Genesis Enterprise Center

John Melby - Former Chair, Fitchrona EMS Commission
Marianne Madar - Fitchrona EMS Commission
Nancy Bartlett - Fitchrona EMS Commission
Steve Sailing - Former Fitchrona EMS Commission
Mark Johnson - Former Fitchrona EMS Commission
Craig Schneider - Fitchrona EMS Commission
Dale Burke - Former Police and Fire Commission Member
Toni Laitsch - Former Chair, Police and Fire Commission

Fitchburg Business Owners

Jim and Barb Putnam
Dan Kunze
Claude Ellis
Hawk Schenkel

Other Community Leaders

Samuel Cooke - President, East Fitchburg Neighborhood Association
Peter Munoz
Franklin Keller - Former Candidate for District 4 Common Council
Tim and Toni Morrissey
John "Sly" Sylvester

Other Valued Supporters

Holly Adams
Eric and Margaret Amlie
Al and Elsie Bach
Jim Bach
Rose Barroilhet
Rick Batty
Paul Beining
Holly Bottoms
Paula Brown
Richard Bucheger
Karl and Wendy Bzdusek
Terry Carpenter
Roger Chapman
Rob Christlieb
Charles Cotter
Fran and Nancy Deaner
Maura Donnelly
Peter and Faith Ellestad
Ryan Estrella
Arlie Faulhaber
Ted and Linnae Fish
John Fournelle
Rena Gelman
Ava Georgeson
John and Wilma Gillis
Meredith Green
Virgil Grenia
Steve Hartlaub
Anne Hecht
Ken Heim
Carolyn and Bruce Holland
Mike Holmes
Jamie Hoover
Bradley and Sarah Hughes
Bob Hugo
Arlene Jaster
Wajid Jenkins
Win and Joanne Jensen
Doug Johnson
Don Kanel
Kevin Keyes
Ed Korn
Dr. Donald and Evelyn Kullerstrand
Laura Kunze
Robert Lauer
Gary Leverington
Donna Lewein
Rosanne Lindsay
Jane Lynaugh
Linda Martin
Joe Mathers
Donna Meyer
Norbert Meyer
Don Moriva
Judi Munaker
Jim Myers
Steve and Pam Olson
Patrick O'Malley
Genevieve Parmentier
Kristine Peterson
Steve and Kim Racchini
Neon Ringwood
Carole Ruiz de Chavez
Steve Saley
Don and Eleanor Schultz
Stuart and Marilyn Stroup
Patrick and Pamela Sweeney
Jacob and Faith Taylor
Becky Theis
Paul and Evelyn Thompson
Tom and Karen Witte
Robert Zorko

Progressive Dane